Set Key to Breakdowncolor

On 20/12/2017 at 00:12, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hey there,

I would like to set the Breakdowncolor property of a range of keys.

I can set them to relative keys using NBIT_CKEY_BREAKDOWN which changes the color as well.
But .. I would like to have them colored but not relative in time.

The NBIT_CKEY_BREAKDOWNCOLOR seems to be available ( even if it is not documented ) but changing it doesn't set the flag. - This might be why it is not documented, I know ;)

Is there another - better and documented - way to set this flag in code?

On 20/12/2017 at 03:37, xxxxxxxx wrote:


NBIT_CKEY_BREAKDOWNCOLOR is not documented in the Python docs currently but it is in the C++ docs.
Setting the NBIT and updating with EventAdd() afterwards should work as expected.
NBIT_CKEY_BREAKDOWNCOLOR can be set with ChangeNBit() just like any other NBIT: