How do I access general settings?

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Simply, I do not know how to write the ???part.
I just want to create a tool button to change the number of threads.
It is necessary because it changes frequently.

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the application settings are stored in the so called world container. You can obtain this container with GetWorldContainer() or GetWorldContainerInstance(). The IDs to access the data in this container are NOT the parameter IDs but the IDs starting with WPREF. You find a list of these IDs in the C++ documentation: WPREF.

Using this IDs you can easily change the thread count:

worldContainer = c4d.GetWorldContainerInstance()  
worldContainer.SetInt32(c4d.WPREF_CPUCOUNT, 5)  

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it is complete!
I felt like finely managing the case of doing other work with this and the case of concentrating only on rendering.
And you can freely change the general setting.
Thank you.