LineObject in Python

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I need to define positions along a LineObject and get their relative position / parameter on the complete spline.

In C++, I can easily get those with CLine* LineObject::GetLineR(). In Python, there seem to exist neither the CLine struct nor the GetLineR method. So how can I achieve the same thing in Python? What is the LineObject good for in Python if I can't get any lines from it?

Thanks for any heads up,

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Hi Frank,

LineObject.GetLineR() is missing in the Python API but there's another way to get line data in Python.

C++ API LineObject::GetLineR() just retrieves line tag data from an object.
The Python API provides the convenience function VariableTag.GetAllHighlevelData() to retrieve data from a tag. The function supports tangent, line, segment, normal, etc.

Note the line data is given as a list of dictionary with pos and t keys so the info from each CLine is returned.

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Ah, that sounds useful, thanks!

I'll try that!

And it sure would be cool if that was mentioned in the Python SDK documentation ;-)


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Hi Frank,

I'll add a note to LineObject docs explaining how to retrieve the line data.
Note the solution is the same to obtain the segment data as well.