TagData GetDDescription - when hovering

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Cinema 4D Version:   R19 
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While testing out some things and printing to the console I noticed that while hovering with the mouse over a tag (not selected), its GetDDescription is constantly called.

Is there a specific reason for this?
I can understand when the tag would be selected (as it shows the description into the Attribute Manager).
But not being selected and simply hovered over, what's the purpose here?

Bool MyTag::GetDDescription(GeListNode* node, Description* description, DESCFLAGS_DESC& flags)  
  if (!description->LoadDescription(node->GetType()))  
      return FALSE;  
  // fill the dropdown with dynamically values  
  const DescID *singleid = description->GetSingleDescID();  
  DescID cid = DescLevel( <gadgetID> , DTYPE_LONG, 0);  
  if (!singleid || cid.IsPartOf(*singleid, NULL)) // important to check for speedup c4d!  
      GePrint("dynamic values being added into dropdown");  
      BaseContainer listBC;  
      for (SortedStringArray::ConstIterator it = values.Begin(); it != values.End(); ++it)  
          listBC.SetString(it - values.Begin(), *it);  

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The Object Manager provides two functions when you hover the cursor over an object or tag. First, a bubble help text with the element type and name will appear. Second, a "Show Help" command is constructed that can be invoked from the context menu or using a shortcut. This "Show Help" command is constructed using information from the element's Description.

The continuous call of GetDDescription is probably just a lack of optimization.

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Is there anything I can do to prevent the continuous call of GetDDescription. Since the element's description will not result in any valid information into the online help system.
In other words, can I prevent GetDDescription getting called, since "Show Help" will not result in anything useful?

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there is nothing you can do to prevent this.

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