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I'm currently doing a generator. In GetVirtualObjects I create another document in memory, and I would like to get/set data from this tempo doc.
So I used

BaseObject* MainObjectData::GetVirtualObjects(BaseObject* op, HierarchyHelp* hh)
	BaseObject* objDown = op->GetDown();
	if (!objDown)
		return nullptr;
	objDown = static_cast<BaseObject*>(objDown->GetClone(COPYFLAGS_0, nullptr));
	BaseDocument* copyDoc = BaseDocument::Alloc();
	if (!copyDoc)
		return nullptr;
	BaseObject* nullMaster = BaseObject::Alloc(Onull);
	if (!nullMaster)
		return nullptr;
	copyDoc->InsertObject(nullMaster, nullptr, nullptr);
	// I know doc point to the same object of nullmaster
	// But in my plugin I get informations from another function and use GetDocument, So I do it in my example.
	BaseDocument* doc = objDown->GetDocument();
	if (!doc)
		return nullptr;
	// Always return me nullptr why?
	BaseContainer* bc = doc->GetSettingsInstance(DOCUMENTSETTINGS_GENERAL);
	if (!bc)
		return nullptr;
	BaseObject* cube = BaseObject::Alloc(Ocube);
	return cube;

it's return a nullptr.

This also fails

	BaseContainer* bc = doc->GetDataInstance();
	if (!bc)
		return nullptr;
	bc = bc->GetContainerInstance(DOCUMENTSETTINGS_GENERAL);
	if (!bc)
		return nullptr;

While for different type it's work fine


Thanks in advance

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this actually has nothing to do with the use inside of a ObjectData plugin.
DOCUMENTSETTINGS_GENERAL simply can not be retrieved via GetSettingsInstance(), but only via BaseDocument::GetData().
In the BaseDocument manual this gets mentioned. We'll add this information to the API references, too (by the way, the BaseDocument::GetData() link in the manual currently links to BaseList2D::GetData(), this will be fixed as well).

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Not sure to understand the pattern decision made behind of this (a function that could fail if a specific parameter is given, while parameter are from the same enum)
But it's work !