What is metrics.dylib?

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Hi! Just a quick question: We get a crash in metrics.dylib , probably caused by Python code. What kind of
plugins does metrics.dylib  register? I have no clue, but knowing might give a hunch of what could have
caused the crash.


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Hi Niklas,

the metrics module contains the user participation (the statistics about usage of C4D, if the user agrees for them to be collected). Actually this module contains nothing a 3rd party developer could interact with.

Can you provide us with some more details? Version of Cinema? A crash report or call stack?

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I only have the user crash report, he says he opened our plugin window and it crashed. Maybe this is
a rare one. I'm surprised about the amount of CRITICAL messages in the log. I doubt that this many
could originate from our plugin, seeing as

(1) the user said it crashed right after opening the plugin
(2) another crash the user reported was after longer usage of the plugin, and the report contains not a single Critical log entry

Here's the one crash inside metrics.dylib

_BugReport.txt (link to https://ufile.io/kehyl -- care, there's ads)

On 28/11/2017 at 09:34, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Niklas,

the CriticalStops are attempts to initialize a GeData with an unknown datatype with an ID below DA_CUSTOMDATATYPE. This may also happen, when setting (and by this initializing) an entry of a BaseContainer. Given the amount of installed 3rd party plugins, this may be a bit hard to track down.

If I find anything regarding the crash in metrics module, I'll get back to you.

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Thanks Andreas -- meanwhile I'll try other means to track it down. 🙂