installing numpy and pydicom in C4D

On 19/11/2017 at 11:12, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi everyone,
I am trying to do some stuff with pydicom, a python extension that allows the loading of DICOM files, which are medical imaging files from CT and MRI scanners.
To read the data I also need numpy.
I have read some older threads about installing numpy, but I cant make heads or tails from it.

I have no idea about wheels, eggs or whatnot.
Can anyone provide the simplest way to install both those packages?

Some sort of zip file, I can uncompress and drag into my preference/library/python.... folder

here are links to pydicom



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Hi Thanassis,

such a rare visitor in our dark cave...

Unfortunately from MAXON's side we do not support 3rd party packages/modules/libraries. I mean, of course you may use them, but we simply can't help with it. Terribly sorry!

I guess, your best bet is currently Niklas, for example in this thread: Numpy Revisited for R18 (Simple)

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Thanks Andreas, I'll bug Niklas.

On 21/11/2017 at 08:43, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I've added some instructions for build NumPy on Windows here:

You can find a number of pre-compiled NumPy versions here:


If you're on Windows, grab the numpy-1.13.3-py2.7-win-amd64.egg  and open it with as a
ZIP file (eg. using 7-Zip or rename it to .zip first). You can then simply copy & paste the numpy/  
folder to your preferences/library/python/packages/win64 directory.

If you're on macOS, try the (I did not compile 1.13.3 on macOS yet).
It's basically the same story, only that is already is a .ZIP file and the numpy/  directory is one more
directory lower.

Not sure if this mac version still works on recent C4D releases, haven't tried it in a while.


On 21/11/2017 at 09:46, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Thanks niklas for your blog post! 
Very handy, didn't know about step 3, explain why I failed most of the time. So big thumbs up !!!