Python Generator + Phong Tag

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On a related note I also noticed that this "Python Generator" object is completely ignorant of any kind of dynamics, e.g. adding a "Rigid Body" tag to it does nothing in regards to collision handling (the object is still affected by gravity though).

OK, I found out that some  "polyobj.Message(c4d.MSG_UPDATE)" is required, took me ages to find out. Just did by pure luck while trying to solve a problem where the "Python Generator" object would entirely disappear when the axis was moved out of the viewport (I hadn't noticed this effect before.)

Sometimes I'm just stumbling in the dark (even after studying the documentation for ages) and have to do wild trial and error to get to where I want. 🙂

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I'm glad you found a solution.
And I'd like to apologize, because I have to admit your follow up question somehow fell from my plate.
In such cases it may help to open a new topic for follow up questions. And of course you are also allowed to bump a thread, if you get the feeling it's been forgotten.