c4d.Thermite, Py-DoubleCircle

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No directly a bug since c4d.Thermite == 4. but it's used in https://github.com/PluginCafe/cinema4d_py_sdk/blob/master/plugins/Py-DoubleCircle/Py-DoubleCircle.pyp#L106 while it's should be an enum of type SplineType.

Moreover I was not able to find what c4d.Thermite is used for.

BTW, for github error did you prefer a forum post or a github issue ticket?

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You are right, Thermite should not be used to create the SplineObject in Py-DoubleCircle example. SPLINETYPE_BEZIER should be passed instead; its value is 4 as well.
Thermite is an old ID that was deprecated in the past.

Report errors about code on GitHub with a forum topic here in Bug Reports just like you did :slightly_smiling_face: