What do you call this "Removing Animation" comand?

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Whenever I do character weighting, I animate the joints to better see the result then delete them after. What happens is there is this left over "yellow dots" despite deleting the keyframes. I delete this by Ctrl+Shift LMB the dots.

You can see an illustration of the command here:https://www.dropbox.com/s/rca89od8cxmrxif/c4d049_removetheLeftOverAnimation.mp4?dl=0

My query is: Is there a command that delete all those keyframes at one go? When I execute the Ctrl+Shift LMB with the dots,I don't see any commands in the script log.

Thank you for your time.

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how do you delete the keys? I'm not able to reproduce it here.
Basically the orange dots indicate there's still a track (CTrack) associated with a parameter. But I'm wondering how this is happening. Do you delete the key by code? Then you'd need to additionally delete the track.
There's also a command in the Timeline to "Delete Unused Tracks".

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So at first, the dots are colorred red. 
Then I delete the keys are with time slider. 
Then the dots are colorred yellow

Actually the above is irrelevant as the "Delete Unused Tracks" is actually what I was looking for. hahaha Thanks for that!

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Short follow up:
It's a deliberate design decision to keep the tracks, when the last key is deleted in Powerslider or Timeline Manager. So it's not a bug.
The behavior is different, if the last key gets deleted via the context menu in Attribute Manager. In this case the track gets deleted as well. And of course instead of deleting multiple keyframes, you could directly delete the track with the context menu in AM.