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I have been able to display some text in the viewport according to answers provided in this thread:

However, I haven't been able to change the font size. Searching through the forum did provide  a single solution:

But I cannot get it to work, as calling SetFont or SetFontSize always fail.

trial 1

Float gFontScale = 3;  
BaseContainer fontDescription;  
clipMap->GetDefaultFont(GE_FONT_DEFAULT_SYSTEM, &fontDescription);  
Float fontSize;  
clipMap->GetFontSize(&fontDescription, GE_FONT_SIZE_INTERNAL, &fontSize);  
Bool ret = clipMap->SetFont(&fontDescription, fontSize * gFontScale);  

trial 2

BaseContainer fontbc;  
if (!GeClipMap::GetDefaultFont(GE_FONT_DEFAULT_SYSTEM, &fontbc)) return FALSE;  
Bool ret = clipMap->SetFontSize(&fontbc, GE_FONT_SIZE_INTERNAL, 50.0);  

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both GetDefaultFont and SetFontSize are static functions. You find some example code on how to use such functions in the GeClipMap Manual.

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Thanks Sebastian,

I still couldn't get the SetFontSize to work.
But from the GeClipMap manual example I managed to get the (non-static) SetFont to work.