Visualize Lux in a Heatmap

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I would like to be able to use the native C4D Area Lights and Spotlights with Photometric Intensity in Lumens, to roughly match real world lights.

Then, I'd like to be able to render using Physical + GI (IRC + LM) and be able to see the Illuminance/Lux value.

This is basically like making a "Clay Render" but I'd like to be able to map the Intensity value to RGB value, like many video production monitors do in a mode called "False Color."

Is this possible already or would this require some custom coding.



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Like in that light simulator? -

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Hi Matt,

the Plugin Café forums are mainly focused on developers and development related topics. This question is probably best discussed in one of the public user forums like C4DCafe or CGTalk. You could also ask our user support via the form on our main website.

Of course the discussion may very well continue here, no problem at all, but MAXON's SDK team probably won't be able to contribute much.

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Yes, that is exactly what I'd like to be able to do in Cinema 4D.  I hadn't seen that product before.

This company can also do it.

I feel like it can't be that hard, it's essentially just mapping color and lux to the final render.

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Copy that, I feel like this is a developer level problem/challenge though.

I'd probably have to write a custom AOV for Physical Render or something.