• On 25/09/2017 at 07:06, xxxxxxxx wrote:

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    Cinema 4D Version:   R19 
    Language(s) :       PYTHON  ;

    In the Python SDK docu for PolygonObject.GetNgonEdgesCompact() there is the following description:

    The edge compact value is based on the mask 1 << edgeIndex with edgeIndex between 1 and 4.

    Shouldn't that be: "... with edgeIndex between 0 and 3."?

  • On 26/09/2017 at 07:15, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Hi Phoenix, thanks for writing us.

    I confirm that the documentation report a wrong index range [1 .. 4]. The correct acceptable indexes are [0 .. 3] as stated here.

    The documentation will be fixed in future service release.

    Cheers, Riccardo.

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