Is it possible to clone a doc excluding polygons?

On 22/09/2017 at 14:14, xxxxxxxx wrote:

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Cinema 4D Version:   R17 
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Hi all!

Is it possible to clone a document with everything (objects, matrices, tags, materials) but without polygon objects? No vertices, normals and etc.
I have played with some flags (NO_ASSETS or etc.) of GetClone() but haven't found such a behaviour.

Btw, the full GetClone(doc) is pretty fast, 1GB/sec on my CPU, but I would like to get some more optimization for trivial scene updating cases.

On 25/09/2017 at 09:35, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Aaron, thanks for writing us.

With reference to your request there's actually no flags usable to force the C4DAtom::GetClone() method behaving the way you're expecting to get. I also fear that any other (less-trivial) approach might result slower than cloning the whole scene, because thinking loud i could or cloning and then delete the unwanted data or copy only the desired data while traversing the scene... but both these could be easily way slower than how the C4DAtom::GetClone() method is designed.

Best, Riccardo

On 25/09/2017 at 11:04, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Ricardo,
I wanted to clone a part of scene excluding the heavy data such as poly vertices only in case when I know for sure that just some instances (using transformation matrix) are moving. 
I recommend you to consider this small optimization opportunity for future releases of C4D.