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  • On 21/09/2017 at 03:47, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    I found something strange when converting a boolean using "Current state to object".

    I have a Cube and half way out of that Cube, a Sphere.
    When the Cube is object A and the Sphere object B, "Current state to object" returns just the converted object (of course the boolean setting is "Create single object" and A subtract B).

    When I change the order of A and B, a Null is created and the converted object is a child of that null.

    Is my observation correct?


  • On 22/09/2017 at 03:02, xxxxxxxx wrote:


    it seems that with default settings a null object is created in both cases. Only when on enables "Create Single Object" this seems to vary. Tested with R19. Is this behaviour an issue for you?

    best wishes,

  • On 22/09/2017 at 04:49, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    No,not a real issue.
    I just have to test for in in my plugin (deal with the 2 options).


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