Cleaning and populating cycle control in runtime

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Cinema 4D Version:   R16 
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I've been reading examples etc but I'm wondering how I can clean and populate Cycle controls (I'm using CUSTOMGUI_CYCLEBUTTON) on runtime.

I have follow this article without problem

But it is called on GetDDescription and I need to  modify it from time to time.

Any tip on this?


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actually GetDDescription() is the correct place to do this. GetDDescription() is not called only once, but all the time C4D needs to rebuild/update the Attribute Manager, for example in reaction to parameter changes.

Please also note the manual on NodeData::GetDDescription().

Maybe also take a look at this thread, where this topic got discussed recently.

The article linked in the previous post is also available on, probably the more persistent link. We transferred all content from c4dprogramming to the developer blog.

Edit: Added link to other thread.

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Thank you!