LayserSet customgui configuration

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Cinema 4D Version:   R18 
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I need to use a custom gui similar to LayerSet, the one that is used in Layer shader.
I was wondering if I can customize the already existing one. For example, I need only 4 blend modes (add,multiply,subtract and normal). Can I remove the rest ?
Also, if the blend mode is multiply, I need to hide the weight realslider. Can I do that ?
If the above are not possible, I'll need to create my own custom gui.

Is there any guide on how to createa a CustomGui similar to this one ? 
For instance, how do you move the shaders up and down ?

Thank you for your time.

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LayerSet is a custom GUI used only in the Bitmap Shader to select layers from a multi-layer bitmap ("Layerset" parameter).
What you are seeing for Layer Shader layers is a completely different custom GUI and it is not exposed by the API.
So the solution is to create your own custom GUI that does what you need. To move layers up and down, mouse drag and drop has to be handled.

You can find a custom GUI example in the SDK examples: customdata_customgui.cpp