what is op[0]

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I was just watching a quick tutorial on different ways of calculating spline length, and I came across some syntax I can't figure out:


what does this mean?

reference useage:

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that doesn't mention, let alone explain what op[0] is.
Also there is no instance in that documentation of SplineLengthData being called as SlineLengthData(anything)

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Ah, completely oversaw that. Apologies.

Good question, although I believe, that this does nothing at all.
I'd say, that the constructor wrapper just filters out any arguments, that are too much.

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No prob, it just confuses me! whats it for?! I'll have to try without and see what happens.

I was hoping I could figure out how to use it by just looking at that original documentation page, but I had no idea that it first needed to have an instance created with that specific syntax, or is that what ".__init__()" is supposed to represent? ..

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I suggest you to read http://www.python-course.eu/python3_magic_methods.php

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What op[0] does depends on what op is. It's syntactic sugar for
calling op.__getitem__(0). When you see __getitem__() in the
docs of a class, that's when you can use [] on objects of that
class. E.g. you can use it to retrieve values from a BaseContainer.

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Not much left to add for me...

In Script Manager op is a predefined variable pointing to the currently selected object. So if op hasn't been reassigned in the tutorial, that's what it is.

And yes, when creating a SplineLengthData the parameter will be ignored. It's redundant in that line of the tutorial and I'd recommend to omit passing a parameter there.

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Thanks everyone! Much appreciated.