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I currently have a plugin that is compiled in R17 and R18 and it works fine on my machines. I have a user contacting me saying that it nothing is showing up under plugin menu, displaying in the script console (I have the version number printed there), and no dialog is coming up asking for their serial number. They said they installed the plugin into their plugins directory and said they tried it on R17 and R18 both on Windows machines the same as me. I am not sure what else I could have them try or what else is different about our configurations that it would work on mine and not on his. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it!


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Do you directly use the SDK for building your plugin? By that I mean did you copy the file from plugin_dir/cinema4dsdk to plugin_dir/your_plugin?
If yes, make sure to change your project name it can make some conflit. If there is nothing in the console it's probably this, but make sure also to check if there is not another ID.

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I did use the SDK to build the plugin and I did change the name. When the ID of the plugin would conflict with some other ID there would be a message in the console but I don't see that.

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I have had exactly the same issue with a customer once. The plugin was provided as a zip file. After installing (both in Program Files or in user folder) the plugin was not detected by Cinema 4D. Could not find the cause of the problem. Until the customer extracted the files all over again from the zip. Seems something went wrong the first time. Since then, no issues.

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can you please check the versions of Cinema involved here? Not only the major version, but also minor versions are relevant here. So if you built your plugin for example against 18.057, it won't be loaded on any R18 version with a lower version.

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Hi Andreas,

I think that may be the issue I built it with 17.055 and they have 17.048. I will check with them and see if that is the issue.