Drag object attributes on tag

On 21/07/2017 at 08:38, xxxxxxxx wrote:

I'm trying to create a tag plugin that changes an object's parameter based on parameters of another object.
The user should decide which parameters should be linked by dragging those into the python tag like overriding a texture tag with a new texture.

Is there a way to enable drag&drop for tag plugins and how would you access the attributes in python code?

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I guess you have everything needed in this topic.

If not feel free to ask.

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That's not quite what I'm looking for. 
I want to recreate what Greyscalegorilla did to their Signal plugin where you can drag and drop a parameter on the tag which then is able to modify the parameter. When I drag an attribute on a python tag for example I don't be able to move the parameter on the tag.

This is how it look if I drag a parameter on a "normal" tag:

And this how it looks with a Signal tag:

How do I achieve it without creating a multi line String interface?

I browsed the whole internet for a solution but did not find any suitable for this case.

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this is currently a limitation in Python. Sorry.
In C++ you can use MSG_DRAGANDDROP, there's a code example in the NodeData Manual, but this message is not yet available in the Python SDK.