Getting polygon data from generated objects

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Hello all,

Just a question if I'm on the right track...

My aim is to add a dynamically generated weight map to a metaball object.

Due to the fact that it is not possible to add weight maps to generated objects - I thought it is possible to create a Python Generator, to copy polygon data from such object into a new empty Polygon object, and generate the weight map along the way... I could update this object frame-by-frame, as refresh speed is not a priority for me.

It seems not possible to access polygons from anything besides editable meshes though...

I tried a workaround by generating the weight map on a Correction deformer parented unter the metaball object, and it seems to work but breaks in animation, probably because of the changing topology on the metaballs...

Does it mean I have to use C++ SDK for that?


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Welcome to the community ! 
I suggest you to read I guess you have everything you need to know 😉

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Thanks. That's an awesome read. Awesome! Lots to learn.