HTMLViewer - Bug?

On 13/07/2017 at 06:11, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello PluginCafe, 
I recently had to use the HTMLViewer customgui in a dialog and I noticed a strange behaviour when used in a scrollgroup.

If I attach the dialog to the cinema 4d layout and scroll sideways in the dialog, the HTMlViewer customgui is drawn over everything else, even other dialogs or windows.

Is this a bug of the HTMLViewer?


On 14/07/2017 at 08:24, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Florian,

so far we are not aware of any bugs in this area (for example the help system doesn't seem to have such issues). Can you maybe show us, how you set this up (especially the scrollgroup part)? Not only to look for possible issues in your code, but also to have something similar to try and reproduce. Thanks.

On 14/07/2017 at 09:10, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hello Andreas,

I also looked at the help system, the difference there is, that the actual HTMLVIEWER in the help window is not in an scrollgroup, only the treegui.

I made a small example of my problem, basically just a Dialog plugin with the group structure that I have in my plugin but reduced to only the HTMLVIEWER.
The problem occures in this example aswell. Just pin the Dialog to the Cinema4D Layout, and shrink the dialog till the scrollgroup kicks in, then it starts to show this behaviour.

I am really not sure if I do anything wrong or not, I hope this helps.


On 19/07/2017 at 01:56, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Ay, caramba! Yep, I confirm this is a bug. I filed one for this in our issue tracker. Thanks for making us aware and providing a nice example to reproduce.