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    Cinema 4D Version:   R18 
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    In .res files you can have VECTOR as parameter type. That adds 3 spinners for X,Y,Z.
    Can I have a VECTOR2 parameter ? I need only X and Y.
    I found a Vector2dCustomGui parameter. Is there any example with it ?

    Thank you.

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    there is no build-in 2D vector type in Cinema 4D. The 2D Vector Field Vector2dCustomGui is a custom GUI for the standard 3D vector type. It is used for example in the MoText's "Axis" parameters. Or you can simply create a "Vector" user data with the "2D Vector Field" interface.

    If you want to have a pure 2D vector parameter type you might have to create it yourself using a custom data type based on CustomDataTypeClass and a custom GUI based on CustomGuiData / iCustomGui.

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