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Hi again,
Something that has bothered me a while ago which I couldn't find a solution for and never dared to ask. Not a big issue, but since we're end of June I'd still like to learn something new on this last schoolday.

A GeDialog shows its title bar by default. With SetTitle one is able to set the text in this title bar. But, apparently, Cinema 4D allows some windows to enable/disable viewing this said title bar.
The viewports do, as are the dialogs of commanddata plugins. But the Console and Object Manager windows do not allow this (option is grayed out).
I was wondering if this functionality to show/hide the title bar is accessible from C++ (and/or Python)?


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actually all dialogs behave exactly the same in this regard. The "Show Window Title" option is being grayed out, if the dialog is docked for example into a "tabbed group". In this case the title gets shown on the tab and thus can not be hidden.
Try it yourself, rip off the OM and dock it to another place in the layout, it will have a window title and the title can be hidden like any other dialog's title.
This functionality is part of the layout system and can not be influenced by a GeDialog.

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Oh, I see. Didn't notice the Console and Object Manager were in a tabbed group. That makes sense now.

Back to the original question then. Is it possible to programmatically show/hide the window title (when not in tabbed group)?

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Nope, that's what I wanted to say with my last sentence. Sorry for not being clear.

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Thanks for clearing this up.
I misunderstood your reply as that the graying out was not possible via GeDialog.

All clear now, thanks again.