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Hello everyone! When i create a rig there a small problem. When I click on the checkbox, I create an additional element and the entire rig is duplicated. When I turn off the additional element is deleted and again the whole rig is duplicated. At what removal occurs in all duplicates of rig. How to avoid duplicates? Please help me.

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I really think you will need to provide us with some context and a more elaborate description of your problem.

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Sorry for  that))) Here some code) Thanks, if you find the error))))

import os
import sys

folder = os.path.dirname(__file__)
if folder not in sys.path:
    sys.path.insert(0, folder)

import math
import c4d
from c4d import plugins, utils, bitmaps, gui
from c4d.modules import *
from classes.ids import *
from classes.pre import *
from classes.wiggle import *
from classes.bable import *

from classes.controls.resetpsrbox import *
from classes.controls.controlwiggless import *

PLUGIN_ID = 1000003

class Boble(c4d.plugins.ObjectData) :

def __init__(self) :


def Init(self, op) :

op.SetName("Boble Generator")

return True

def GetVirtualObjects(self, op, hierarchyhelp) :
        doc = c4d.documents.GetActiveDocument()

dirty = op.CheckCache(hierarchyhelp) or op.IsDirty(c4d.DIRTYFLAGS_CHILDREN) or op.IsDirty(c4d.DIRTYFLAGS_DATA)
        if dirty is False:
             return op.GetCache()

pre = Pre(op.GetName(), doc.SearchObject(op.GetName()))

if op[c4d.RM_TRICK] == True:
            Wiggle_3_1 = Wiggle('five ' + op.GetName(), doc.SearchObject('Rig ' + op.GetName()), 90, 65, doc.SearchObject('Wiggle ' + op.GetName()), doc.SearchObject('Bob ' + op.GetName()))
            Wiggle_3_2 = Wiggle('six ' + op.GetName(), doc.SearchObject('Rig ' + op.GetName()), -90, 65, doc.SearchObject('Wiggle ' + op.GetName()), doc.SearchObject('Bob ' + op.GetName()))

elif op[c4d.RM_TRICK] == False:

self.parent1 = doc.SearchObject('five ' + op.GetName())
            self.parent2 = doc.SearchObject('six ' + op.GetName())


if op[c4d.RM_BABLE] == True:

br_1_1 = Boble(op.GetName(), 'one')
            br_1_2 = Boble(op.GetName(), 'two')
            br_2_1 = Boble(op.GetName(), 'tree')
            br_2_2 = Boble(op.GetName(), 'four')

bableConteiner = Box(op.GetName(),doc.SearchObject(op.GetName()))

elif op[c4d.RM_BABLE] == False:

self.bl_1 = doc.SearchObject('babel_1 ' + op.GetName())
            self.bl_2 = doc.SearchObject('bable_2 ' + op.GetName())
            self.bl_3 = doc.SearchObject('bable_3 ' + op.GetName())
            self.bl_4 = doc.SearchObject('bable_4 ' + op.GetName())
            self.bl_con_1 = doc.SearchObject('connector_1_1 ' + op.GetName())
            self.bl_con_2 = doc.SearchObject('connector_1_2 ' + op.GetName())
            self.bl_con_3 = doc.SearchObject('connector_2_1 ' + op.GetName())
            self.bl_con_4 = doc.SearchObject('connector_2_2 ' + op.GetName())
            self.findbableContainer = doc.SearchObject('Boble ' + op.GetName())

return c4d.BaseObject(c4d.Onull)

def Draw(self, op, drawpass, bd, bh) :

doc = c4d.documents.GetActiveDocument()

if drawpass==c4d.DRAWPASS_HIGHLIGHTS:
            return c4d.DRAWRESULT_SKIP

lpPSR = BoxPSR(op.GetName())

controlWiggles = ControlWiggle(op.GetName())

if op[c4d.RM_WIGGLE_LOCK] == 1:

if op[c4d.RM_TRACK] == True:
            return False
        return c4d.DRAWRESULT_OK

if __name__ == '__main__':

dir, file = os.path.split(__file__)
    bmp = c4d.bitmaps.BaseBitmap()
    bmp.InitWith(os.path.join(dir, "res", "icon.png"))
        id = PLUGIN_ID,
        str = "Boble Generator",
        g = Boble,
        description = "Boble Generator",
        icon = bmp

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I don't think anybody in this forum will be able to help you without a detailed problem description and enough detail, how to reproduce the issue. Sorry, if it's me being too stupid to understand the problem, but please bear with me and try to explain it as if to a little child.

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Same problem https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6LsRuoqyxhTcF9VZHVJWWlsTkU

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the video doesn't play here. And I'd really like to suggest you take the time to describe your problem in detail. After all you want other people to invest time in helping you, so it's probably a good idea to make it as easy as possible for them.

A few notes on your code:

- You are not allowed to modify the scene (e.g. Remove() objects) within GetVirtualObjects(), see Cinema 4D Threads for details. Such scene changes either belong into a CommandData or at least have to be done in main thread, e.g. in reaction to a button press

- In GetVirtualObjects() you store object references in member variables. No problem if you use these member variables just like local variables (as you do in the code above), but as soon as you start using them outside the scope of this single function or rely on them to still store correct information upon the next call, I strongly disadvise. It can result in all sorts of troubles. For example what if the referenced object got deleted or replaced by another one (e.g. due to undo action)?

- You are importing modules and doing quite a bunch of function calls nobody can follow, so it's hard to tell, if anything goes wrong in there

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Yes ! I have such a problem! Can you have examples of how the GetVirtualObjects() and CommandData work?Or is there somewhere on the forum such a discussion?  And thanks for the help)

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the Python docs download comes with a bunch of examples, see Downloads page of our blog, here's the archive for R18. The source of these examples can also be found on GitHub.
Examples for CommandData are: Py-MemoryViewer, SculptSaveMask, Py-TextureBaker, Py-CVRss
Examples for ObjectData (GetVirtualObjects()) are: Py-Gravitation, SculptModifierDeformer, Py-SpherifyModifier, Py-DoubleCircle, Py-DynamicParametersObject, Py-RoundedTube

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Does anyone have source code SmartStairs 2? I wrote to the developers, but they did not answer me. I wanted to see what's going on inside.)

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unfortunately MAXON's SDK Team can't do anything about the last question.
One reminder, though: Please open a new thread for each unrelated topic. The last question has nothing to do with the original topic of this thread. I hope you don't mind.