Cloning/copying render-data without inheritance

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Hey guys.

I'm trying a little bit to automate some render-settings and takes. And I stumbled upon the inheritance behaviour of render-data. Is there a way in python to active or deactive inheritance in specific attributes of the render-data (for example I need to activate the inheritance on the frame range in the output panel)? I didn't find anything about it in the SDK :(

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Take a look at this thread for inserting render data

About take system which is global and can work on everything. Take a look at

And the C++ manual (maybe read this one firstly)

If you have any others question feel free to ask

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Thanks for the helpful links, sadly I can't find anything concering the inheritance problem :(

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Hi 3Dpebble,

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Unfortunately I have no good news for you. The inheritance is handled internally and can not be accessed via the API. Sorry.

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Hi Andreas,

that's a pity, but thank you very much for the info.

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A workaround can be to register your own MessageData plugin. Catch EVMSG_TAKECHANGED and then found your take. Get the parent take value. And assign value to your take where BaseOverride is not set.

Remember a BaseTake is a BaseList2D, so it's mean he get a BaseContainer. So you can store data into this BaseContainer for identifying your take.