How to replace mesh

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Hello again,
let's say I have two independent polygonal objects in scene (source and destination). I need to replace geometry of destination object by the copy of geometry from source object while keeping all links, tags and attributes of destination object untouched.

Is there a way how to do that? (I don't want to make a copy of source object and delete destination object since it acts differently in undo history with other unwanted consequences. It should be treated as modification of object from cinema point of view.)

Thank you.

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You could "simply" copy all points and polygon object from one to the other. However,
you should also take into account selection tags, normal tags, vertex map tags, ngons...

Alternatively, here's a ReplaceObject() function that has worked quite well for me. Not sure
if it works fine in your case. Note that the code is under LGPL license.

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Object replacement is not what I needed but copying all points and polygons worked. Thank you.

PS: I forgot to mention but I tried C4DAtom::CopyTo function and it gave me strange results like object transformation was reset or object disappeared completely.

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Glad the question got already answered. Miro, if you'd like to discuss the CopyTo() issue, I suggest to set up a new thread and post a few more details (maybe also a code snippet) in there.