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Cinema 4D Version:   R18 
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I'd like to create plugin tool for modifying editable polygon objects. It should change mesh of existing object in similar way to Extrude or Line Cut mesh tools. I cannot find anything similar to this in Cinema official samples.

Can you give me some general guidelines how to do that correctly?

I already tried something like this:
 - class derived from ToolData (is it the right base class for such tool? )
 - in MouseInput function I modified selected object (accessing mesh of safely casted PolygonObject - not sure if this is correct )

It does some strange things, like object is sometimes deselected or mesh disappears completely.

Thank you.

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ToolData is the older version of tool plugins that does not support resources.
Most of the time DescriptionToolData is a better choice.

I have an example tool plugin on my site called "Tool Plugin" that shows how to highlight, select, or delete polygons using the LMB.
There are some notes in the code for different ways to use the SendModelingCommand options. So instead of using delete, you can change it to extrude the selected polygon.


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Thank you! I expected exactly something like this in Maxon SDK.

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Glad it helped.
That's why I made that website. To fill in the missing pieces.


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you can also find various examples on ToolData plugins on GitHub.

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