Installing Krakatoa SR for Post FX Render [SOLVED]

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I recently decided to buy Navie Effex 2.8, and unknowingly, committed myself to Krakatoa SR (KSR) which is a post-render effect used by Effex (prior to purchase I had assumed Krakatoa for C4D would suffice -- but it does not).

So now I have also procured a copy/lic for the KSR 2.6.3 and I can't get it to work.  It seems just putting the KSR dll's in the folder along side the C4D.exe file (C: Program Files/Maxon/ ...)  fails to make it show up as a post-render effect option as it should (see 2:18 on this demo vid).

I'm not getting much direction from the Navie support site regarding the KSR so I thought I would ask here.

Basically all I recieved from Think Box SW company was a zip file with some dll's, a few documents and examples and some redistributables.  Basically no instruction in there or on their site.  So...

Any experience or tips to be shared?  Appreciate your advice.


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Hi Thom, thanks for writing us.

With reference to your question, unfortunately we can't provide any support to 3rd party plugins usage or installation. Maybe members of this forum might have experience on the topic and, in this case, I'm sure you'll get answered. At the same time I encourage you to drop a support request to the Navie forum or to look for help on or

Best, Riccardo

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Fair enough, I understand completely.  I've worked out this topic with Navie in the meantime.  Thank you, Knickknack, for the input nonetheless.