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Is there a way for set continuous UV? 
I guess it might be something possible since when you do u->w in uv mode you can select connected polys. But at the same time he seem to only check if poly is near since if we move just a little bit the polygon uv and pressing again u->w c4d understand it as it's conncted while it's doesn't. So c4d probably doing a vertex search in an area.

Anyway thanks in advance.

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Hi gr4ph0s, thanks for writing us.

With reference to your post it sounds a bit obscure to me what you mean by continuous UV and what's the behavior you're trying to achieve/describe. Could you please circumstantiate better (maybe with a screenshot or an example scene) your final intent?

Best, Riccardo

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Each time I press u->W connected selected element.
How c4d know which polygons are actually connected. And how to tell to c4d hey polygon 0 is linked to polygon 1. Since uvtag only give us point corrdinate according polygon id.
So I guess c4d don't have a way for handle it and just search into the uvtag for point in a low distance. And that why c4d have pretty bad performance when you do u->w on a big mesh.

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Hi gr4ph0s, thanks for the additional information.

Standing on this further information, there's no straight way to set "continuous UV". If your intent is to modify the uv values of a specific polygon to make it UV continuous with adjacent polygons, you can look for the UV values belonging to each vertex shared with all the neighbor polygons and change it accordingly as much as you've guessed for selecting the connected polygons.

Since Neighbor class exposed in the C++ API can ease up the workload in finding neighbor polygons, I warmly invite you to give it a look.

Best, Riccardo

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Thanks Riccardo.

Another ask is there any function to translate obj point id to a uv point id?
Just tell me yes or not don't waste your time with that, since I'm new to the c++ sdk if yes I have to find it, if not I have to code it ! :)

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Hi gr4ph0s,

there's no direct function to translate obj point id to uv point id and there are multiple reasons for this lack:

  1. UVWs are in the same number of polygons not of points: vertexes (or points) can be less than the number of UVs (imagine a sphere there the top-most and bottom most points are usually shared across multiple polygons and should usually have multiple UVs depending on the polygon you're considering)
  2. you can multiple UVW tags on the same mesh resulting that the same point (if not falling back to point 1 ) could refer to multiple different UV values depending on the UVW Tag .

Best, Riccardo

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Thanks you a lot I guess I have everything I need to know.