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Another question translate C++-Code to Python... ;)

I want to display a Bitmap in the Attribute Manager from a Tag-Plugin.
In C++ Message() was called with type==MSG_DESCRIPTION_GETBITMAP and the BITMAPBUTTON-id, but in Python it isn't? And what is the equivalent from GeData in GetDParameter() in Python?

Anyone have a Code-snippet how it works for me?
I would be glad,

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I guess it's like you do in C++ use BitmapButtonStruct.
(btw there are some errors in the python sdk, then take a look at the c++ one)

And just follow this thread

In python we don't have GeData since a variable is not type dependant.
So you can do

a = int()
b = "hey"
a = b #now a will be a string with value "hey"

Hope it's help

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Hi Mark,

I'm afraid MSG_DESCRIPTION_GETBITMAP can't be handled inside NodeData.Message() currently.

With the Python API, the implementation of NodeData.GetDParameter() can return a c4d.BitmapButtonStruct object for the second item in the tuple. See NodeData.GetDParameter() documentation.
Unfortunately this is useless as a node can't respond to MSG_DESCRIPTION_GETBITMAP currently.

gr4ph0s: The errors in c4d.BitmapButtonStruct docs will be fixed.

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Thank you, Adam!

Sadly only now i read your answer, Yannick, after trying half a day ;)
My attempt was:

    def Message(self, node, type, data) :   
        if type==c4d.MSG_DESCRIPTION_GETBITMAP:   
            if data['id'][0].id==c4d.ID_BITMAP:   
                    dir, file = os.path.split(__file__)   
                    path = os.path.join(dir, "res", "test.tif")   
                    bm = bitmaps.BaseBitmap()   
                    data['bmp'] = bm   
                    return True   
          return False   
    def GetDParameter(self, node, id, flags) :   
        if id[0].id == c4d.ID_BITMAP:   
               #BitmapButtonStruct bbs     = BitmapButtonStruct(static_cast<PluginObject*>(node), id, dirty);   
               #t_data          = GeData(CUSTOMDATATYPE_BITMAPBUTTON, bbs);   
            bbs = c4d.BitmapButtonStruct(node, id, 0)   
            return (True, bbs, flags | c4d.DESCFLAGS_DESC_LOADED)   
        return False   
    def SetDParameter(self, node, id, t_data, flags) :   
        if id[0].id == c4d.ID_BITMAP:   
            flags = flags | c4d.DESCFLAGS_DESC_LOADED   
        return True   

But data in Message was always None...

Nevertheless thank you for your help :)

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Note we'll add support for MSG_DESCRIPTION_GETBITMAP inside NodeData::Message() in a future release of Cinema 4D.