SaveDocument Error, Alembic export

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    I am new to c4d API, and I have  a strange error when trying to use SaveDocument command, using alembic plugin. I am wondering if it's an error in C4D or if I do something wrong...

    In a new C4d session/document (R17 or R18), I only create a cube and a cone. (cube is selected, cone is not)

    Following that example:

    I added a 'print', before and after changing the export settings.

    import c4d
    from c4d import gui
    #Welcome to the world of Python
    from c4d import documents, plugins
    from c4d import documents, plugins, storage
    def main() :
        # Get Alembic export plugin, 1028082 is its ID
        plug = plugins.FindPlugin(1028082, c4d.PLUGINTYPE_SCENESAVER)
        if plug is None:
        # Get a path to save the exported file
        filePath ="C:/temp/"
        op = {}
        # Send MSG_RETRIEVEPRIVATEDATA to Alembic export plugin
        if plug.Message(c4d.MSG_RETRIEVEPRIVATEDATA, op) :
            if "imexporter" not in op:
            # BaseList2D object stored in "imexporter" key hold the settings
            abcExport = op["imexporter"]
            if abcExport is None:
            print 'SELECTION BEFORE: ',  abcExport[c4d.ABCEXPORT_SELECTION_ONLY]
            # Change Alembic export settings
            abcExport[c4d.ABCEXPORT_SELECTION_ONLY] = True
            abcExport[c4d.ABCEXPORT_PARTICLES] = True
            abcExport[c4d.ABCEXPORT_PARTICLE_GEOMETRY] = True
            print 'SELECTION AFTER: ',  abcExport[c4d.ABCEXPORT_SELECTION_ONLY]
            # Finally export the document
            if documents.SaveDocument(doc, filePath, c4d.SAVEDOCUMENTFLAGS_DONTADDTORECENTLIST, 1028082) :
                print "Document successfully exported to:"
                print filePath
                print "Export failed!"
    if __name__=='__main__':

    The error is:
    1- If I didn't open the actual Alembic plugin UI yet (in my c4d session). It seems I can't update the preferences. IE:  Before = 0, then I set it to True, After = 0...

    The export won't take into consideration the preferences I've tried to set up for abcExport[c4d.ABCEXPORT_SELECTION_ONLY]

    2- If I manually open Alembic exporter UI (File --> Export --> Alembic)... I do not need to change anything, I do not need to export (I can cancell).

    Then, I can execute my script, and the preferences I'll choose for abcExport[c4d.ABCEXPORT_SELECTION_ONLY] will be taken into consideration...

    IE: Before = 0, then I set it to True, After = 1... or Before = 1, then I set it to False, After = 0

    Any idea?

  • On 28/04/2017 at 03:00, xxxxxxxx wrote:


    welcome to the Plugin Café forums 🙂

    This was actually a known issue (and special for the selection only parameter). But it should have been fixed with version 18.030. I just tried your code here in 18.041 without problem. So I'm a bit confused, that you say, you can reproduce this in R18.

  • On 28/04/2017 at 08:20, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Hey thanks Andreas,

    your right. I was using C4D R18.020 and just upgraded to R18.041.

    It seems to work fine!


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