GetClone() or no GetClone()?

On 18/04/2017 at 04:58, xxxxxxxx wrote:

When I use SendModelingCommand( command = c4d.MCOMMAND_CURRENTSTATETOOBJECT,
I thought that I should use: list = [op.GetClone()], 
but that does not work.
I must use list = [op],

So without getting a clone of the object (in this case a MoGraph Cloner)?
Am I missing something?


On 18/04/2017 at 08:29, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Can be stupid but GetCLone return an obj wich is into memory but not into the document. SO have you tried to insert it before run sendmodelingcommand?

On 19/04/2017 at 01:41, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Pim,

gr4ph0s is right. The object is cloned but it has to be inserted into the document for SendModellingCommand().

For MCOMMAND_CURRENTSTATETOOBJECT the object passed does not need to be cloned because the function returns the converted object.
But other commands like MCOMMAND_MAKEEDITABLE change the input object so you have to decide to pass an original or a cloned object in a temporary document.

On 19/04/2017 at 05:04, xxxxxxxx wrote:

Ok, clear thanks.