Import my classe?

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How can I import my classes? The documentation says that the class should be registered as a plug-in. And how do I call it in the function body? How to name a class? And in which file to store the class (py or pyp)?

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It seems there's some confusion here.
Plugin data classes are loaded and registered automatically by Cinema.
Custom/user/utility classes can be defined in py files and imported inside other py or pyp files.

The best solution is to organize the imported files/modules in subfolder(s).
You can find interesting threads on Stack Overflow. For instance:
Python: import a file from a subdirectory

python - Import module from subfolder_<_h3_>_

It is strongly advised to not mess up with sys.path or   PYTHONPATH.

Be aware Python can't import pyp files.

EDIT: Updated Python: import a file from a subdirectory link