Creating a NormalTag?

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Cinema 4D Version:   R13 
Platform:   Windows  ;   
Language(s) :     C++  ;


I'm having trouble creating a proper NormalTag on my polygon objects.
When I add the new tag. The object is filled with tiny little lines. It looks like OpenGL is freaking out or something.
I think this is happening because I have not set the tag data. But I'm having trouble figuring out use the Set() function.
Can someone please post a working example?


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Hi Scott,

please check out the NormalTag manual, I think it should contain everything you need.

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Thanks Andreas. That helped me out a lot.

This is the code version I added to my notes:

//This is how to create a new normals tag on a polygon object  
  PolygonObject *pobj = (PolygonObject* )doc->GetActiveObject();  
  if (!pobj || pobj->GetType() != Opolygon) return false;    
  CPolygon *polys = pobj->GetPolygonW();  
  LONG polyCount = pobj->GetPolygonCount();  
  //Get the NormalTag on the object  
  NormalTag *normalTag = static_cast<NormalTag*>(pobj->GetTag(Tnormal));      
  //If the object doesn't already have a normals tag on it...we add a new tag  
  //NOTE: At this point the object will look very bad...filled with tiny openGL lines!!  
  if (!normalTag)  
      normalTag = NormalTag::Alloc(pobj->GetPolygonCount());  
  //To fix this uglyness   
  //We need to get the normal vectors of the object and store them in the new NormalTag  
  //First make sure there is a phong tag on the object  
  if (!pobj->GetTag(Tphong)) pobj->MakeTag(Tphong);  
  //Get and store the polygon vectors in the new NormalTag so it doesn't look ugly anymore  
  NormalHandle handle = normalTag->GetDataAddressW();  
  for (LONG i = 0; i < polyCount; ++i)  
      const CPolygon polygon = polys[i];  
      //Calculate the default face normals  
      Vector normal = CalcFaceNormal(pobj->GetPointR(), polygon);  
      NormalStruct normals;   
      //Save the normals data in the NormalTag  
      normals.a = normal;  
      normals.b = normal;  
      normals.c = normal;  
      normals.d = normal;  
      NormalTag::Set(handle, i, normals);