Set attribute manager mode

  • On 08/04/2017 at 07:09, xxxxxxxx wrote:


    Is it possible to set the attribute manager mode, via a script, for example?
    Would it need to be active/in focus first?
    It would be nice to have the modes as buttons or tabs for quicker/easier access.
    Maybe this post would be better suited for the plugin requests, I wasn't sure.

  • On 08/04/2017 at 08:36, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    This seems to work sometimes, I made this super minimalist script

    In the cases it doesn't work, e.g. ACTIVEOBJECTMODE_TOOL;
    I have an editable poly cube and I set the attribute manager to a mode other than tool mode, when I execute the script with id as

    It shows project settings mode instead, noticed this happens with other modes too. Maybe I didn't set up the script properly and it defaults to project settings mode..

  • On 08/04/2017 at 08:58, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Basicly c4d help you and set the mode according to the op you pass throught it.
    Here you have a quick exemple...

    import c4d
    def main() :
        obj = op
        c4d.gui.ActiveObjectManager_SetObject(c4d.ACTIVEOBJECTMODE_OBJECT, obj, c4d.ACTIVEOBJECTMANAGER_SETOBJECTS_OPEN)
        tag = op.GetTags()[0]
        c4d.gui.ActiveObjectManager_SetObject(c4d.ACTIVEOBJECTMODE_TAG, tag, c4d.ACTIVEOBJECTMANAGER_SETOBJECTS_OPEN)
        mat = doc.GetActiveMaterial()
        sha = mat.GetFirstShader()
        c4d.gui.ActiveObjectManager_SetObject(c4d.ACTIVEOBJECTMODE_SHADER, sha, c4d.ACTIVEOBJECTMANAGER_SETOBJECTS_OPEN)
        tool = c4d.plugins.FindPlugin(doc.GetAction(), c4d.PLUGINTYPE_TOOL)
        c4d.gui.ActiveObjectManager_SetObject(c4d.ACTIVEOBJECTMODE_TOOL, tool, c4d.ACTIVEOBJECTMANAGER_SETOBJECTS_OPEN)
    if __name__=='__main__':

  • On 08/04/2017 at 10:07, xxxxxxxx wrote:

    Ahh I see, that makes sense! thanks a lot!

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