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I got an 3rd party libraby (libcurl.dll). For the moment everything working well but for that I need to put libcurl.dll in the root folder of c4d wich is not very userfriendly for customer installation.
Is there a way to specify the link of the dll?
Does it's also possible to be able to change the dll name? Since I have to build 4 of them (one for osX64/osx86 win64 and win86). But by default they all load libcurl.dll.
If it's not possible then I will split installation depending the running system. But it could be great to have all dll into one place and I tell which one to load and in wich case load it.

Thanks you in advance ! :)

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Here's a couple of threads with some information on how to do dynamic .dll loading.
Which lets you put the .dll in your plugin's folder.



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Hi gr4ph0s, thanks for writing us.

With reference to your request, I warmly invite you to look at the link pointed out by ScottA.
On top of that consider that dynamic linking libraries (.dll) are to Windows environment what dynamically linked shared object libraries (.dylib or .so) are to MacOS and UNIX-compliant environments.
To answer the second part, it's possible to specify which library to load depending on OS and platform (x86/x64) and changing the DLL name should be actually doable without expecting major flaws.

Best, Riccardo

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Yes I didn't take the time to answerd since I not tested into mac atm. (But it's working well into win so it should work well too into mac).

Anyway thanks you both it's very helpfull.