How to open Xpresso editor window[SOLVED]

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Is there a way to open Xpresso Editor Window via python? I look for the PY SDK,but not found something about it. I know how to add an xpreeso tag to a selected object,but the xpresso editor window won't be opened automatically. if we select an object,and right chick,and choose xpresso tag,this way the xpresso editor can open I want to look for a way to achieve this via python,is it possible?

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Hi Ching,

I have moved the thread into the Python sub-forum.

The easiest way is probably to call Edit() on the desired Xpresso tag.

On 23/03/2017 at 19:13, xxxxxxxx wrote:

It's great! the function "Edit()" works well.

Thanks Andreas very much!

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