Insert effector into cloner[solved]

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Sorry for the simple question,how to insert an effector into the effector list of the cloner object? my code is not working,but there is no errors in the console.I don't know what I am doing wrong or does have to add some another codes .here is my code as in the screenshot below :
_<_img src="" height="148" width="613" border="0" /_>_
_<_img src="" height="251" width="585" border="0" /_>_" />

Thank you very much!

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I have moved this thread into the Python sub-forum.

You only need to write the InExcludeData back into the object and afterwards you should call EventAdd() to have the changes properly show up.
So adding these two lines will do the trick:


A few requests from my side:

Please do not cross-post on several forums. This only leads to several people investing time in parallel. I understand, you want to have an answer as fast as possible. But making people work redundantly is not the best solution.

Whenever possible try to post code as text using the BBcodes instead of screenshots. That's much easier to work with.

This topic got discussed before. Even though our forum search is not the best, setting it to "Display Results As Topics" and "Search Forum: PYTHON Development" is not all bad. With search term "InExcludeData" the search reveals several threads that are potentially helpful in this case:

I hope you don't mind.

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My question was answered with your code.I'm sorry! I am a newer,I still don't know the use of BBS rules.Thank you for your advice,I will pay attention to the thing that you point out.

Best Wishes!